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Growth Climate - Relationship Help and Tests for Emotional, Sexual, Spiritual, and Physical Abuse - Assesment
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About US
Kenneth H. Patey Kenneth H. Patey, the Founder of GrowthClimate, has been a professional educator since 1963. He has taught on both a junior and senior high school level, and on a university level in the United States and in the Middle East His academic preparation includes a B.S. degree in Child Development, Family Relations, and Sociology, and an M.S. degree in Counseling. He has also done post graduate study in Hebrew and in Historical Geography at the Institute of Holyland Studies in Jerusalem, Israel. He and his wife Sharon are the parents of six sons and five daughters. They also have a burgeoning batch of grandchildren—forty two so far.

Ken has lived in Canada, England, the United States, and the Middle East. Together with his family, he has traveled extensively in other countries as well. This exposure to people from many nations, including his work with Native Americans, has provided a wealth of intercultural experience, and deepened his profound under¬standing of relationships.

Under the umbrella of GrowthClimate®, Ken and several of his team provided volunteer educational support in the community for both primary and secondary victims of domestic violence in Utah County. Beginning with about thirty women, weekly attendance soon rose to an average of approximately one hundred adult victims plus their children.

He currently serves as President Elect of the Board of the Center for Women & Children in Crisis, a Utah non-profit foundation. This model shelter complex serves victims from three Utah Counties.

Kevin Skinner Kevin B. Skinner, Ph.D. is a licensed marriage and family therapist. He is the author of many online tests such as "Predictive Relationship Profile", "The Relationship IQ Test for Singles", "The Relationship Intimacy Test", and the Love Quotient (LQ) Test. His other works include: Dating Smarts Workbook and his best seller "Treating Pornography Addiction: The Essential Tools for Recovery."

He is currently a part-time faculty member at Brigham Young University and is in private practice. He also hosts an online radio show About Relationship with Dr. Skinner. You can hear him each week at www.grapevineradio.com
The Birth of GrowthClimate©
The impetus for the formation of GrowthClimate© Corporation as an Education and Counseling Center came initially from an experience of its founder, Kenneth H. Patey, in a Bedouin tent on the northern edge of the Negev Desert in the fall of 1974. A profound awareness there shaped the emphasis for an analysis of relationship styles that has occupied his time continuously since then. The outgrowth of that research has been a totally new way of looking at human behavior and has provided countless individuals with a clear picture of how they came to believe as they believe and why they act as they do. It has also given those who have chosen to apply FIVE FUNDAMENTAL RELATIONSHIP PRINCIPLES introduced by GrowthClimate presenters, educators and therapists the ability to make powerful, positive, personal, and permanent change in their lives. It has also increased their capacity to trigger a hunger for that same kind of growth and change in the lives of others.
GrowthClimate's first official relationship course was held in the summer of 1981 in a Community Center nestled in the middle of Family Student Housing on a university campus. Beginning the next summer, and for all but one of twenty one consecutive summers, GrowthClimate relationship courses were offered for graduate credit to Professional Educators, leaders, counselors, and parents at a major university. Courses have been taught additionally at three other universities/colleges during that same time period.

GrowthClimate© is in the LIFE-CHANGING BUSINESS! Profound changes take place not only in the personal lives of individuals who participate in our Relationship Education Course, but also in dating and marriage relationships, in families, in businesses, and in the way in which students and teachers relate to each other.

Let us offer one qualifier: The goal is not to MAKE others change, but rather to EMPOWER people to make changes for themselves. And for those who have inadvertently lost, or have been robbed of the tools needed for change, the goal is to RE-empower them. You see, "Self Esteem Rises in Direct proportion to the amount of Responsibility a Person Takes for His/Her Own Beliefs, Thoughts, and Actions." Do it for them, and we rob them of growth and of their sense of worth. Give them the CAPACITY to make the changes and you've changed them for a lifetime.

Perhaps one of the most exciting contributions being made by GrowthClimate© is in assisting individuals who have lost connection with their instincts, in learning how to turn them back on again. A national research study done in our public schools found that "creativity in children is largely destroyed by the second grade." More accurately said, in a world where children become fearful, their creativity is diverted toward survival rather than growth. Reconnect children and adults with their instincts, and their inborn creativity turns back on! Give them understanding of their world, and the power to not only survive it, but also to change it, and their creative genius makes them tremendous contributors to families, businesses, and to any group or organization of which they are a part.

We invite you to Get A Taste of GrowthClimate© for yourself! Sink your teeth into what it offers and you will not be content to stay as you are! Growth is contagious! Attempt to remain stagnant and your inner drive for personal growth and change will GNAW at you!