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Romantic Dinner
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About D8Night

Date Nite began as a solution to hurt feelings that has since become one of the most important decisions we ever made!"

My husband and I had been married for several years when the newness of time together was interrupted by the demands of life, children, and work. We tried to plan time for each other but it always seemed to take second seat to meetings, children, late work schedules and even church. At the end of a very tearful night of un-intentional hurt feelings we made a decision that no matter what, we had to find a solution. Date Night was that solution!

We allotted one night a week -our night! We made a commitment at that time that nothing was more important then our time together. When things come up, as they always do, we predetermined that the answer, if it involved our Date Night, must be No, or it had to work within the elements of our date. Our relationship went from good to WOW!

Every relationship needs the strength that comes from putting each other first. When you're in a relationship, married or not, make the decision to give the relationship the same commitment you made to each other when you first started dating-put each other first!
This Weeks Creative Date Night Entry
Bookstore Intrigue

by Alex of Toronto, Ontario Canada
You and your date go to a bookstore with a coffee shop (these are increasingly easier to find). You split up for a designated period of time (around 1/2 hour).

Your assignment is to find a book for your partner that they would want to have with them if they were deserted on an island.

After your ½ hour of separation, you meet up in the coffee shop with your selection and reveal it to your date.

Variations: Choose different themes. Have a competition on who can find the most romantic idea for a vacation spot…etc. Use your imagination.


Don’t forget to be creative, flexible, and JUST HAVE FUN!

8 Key Elements of a Great Date Night
Have a Great Date
Use the steps below to help you have a fantastic date! Don't forget to submit your own creative date idea.
  1. Partner: Having a great partner is vital to any great date.
  2. Planning: Planning makes the difference between having a date or not.
  3. Variety: Variety keeps the dating experience from becoming old and uninteresting.
  4. Value: The cost of a date does not determine it's value.
  5. Interaction: Dating that requires interaction leads to the deepening of relationships.
  6. Interest: Finding activities that both of you enjoy heightens interest in being with each other.
  7. Spontaneity: Even though a date is planned, spontaneity in modifying the plan as you go can add unanticipated spice to you date.
  8. Don't forget to just have fun!
Most Creative Date Contest
Win a Dinner for Two
Enter your favorite creative date idea for a chance to win a Romantic Dinner for Two

Come participate in a worldwide search for the most creative date idea. You can enter as many submissions as you'd like. Submit yours today.

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