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New GrowthClimate COMMUNITY MEMBER BONUS Announced

For the entire month of January, GrowthClimate Community Members will receive 50% OFF the PREDICTIVE RELATIONSHIP PROFILE TEST.

This test is will give you insite into the future of your current relationship should you choose to make it permanent. Regularly priced at $39.95, it will now cost ONLY $19.98 to active community members through the end of the month. To read more about this test click on the link from either the main GrowthClimate.com home page or from the Products section.

In addition to this month's Member Bonus, Community Members also enjoy:
*15% OFF all GrowthClimate Products and Tests
*24/7 Access to GrowthClimate's Radio Network featuring shows from all aspects of Relationships
*Access to the Forum & Chat Room where they can receive answers to questions from Therapist and Relationship Specialist
*New discounts and bonuses monthly
*and much more...

Posted On 01/05/08