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"About Relationships" with Dr. Kevin Skinner is now on iTunes...

"About Relationships" with Dr. Kevin Skinner is now on iTunes...

Now it is even easier to download your favorite relationship shows directly to your iPod. Hosted by Dr. Kevin Skinner, Kenneth H. Patey (Founder of GrowthClimate) and Kristen Lamb, About Relationships is a talk show designed to help individuals and families improve their relationships.

Take the opportunity to tap into the expertise of these RELATIONSHIP SPECIALISTS!

How would you like to IMPROVE your relationships? This includes the way you relate to you spouse, your children, your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers, etc. You can also discover how to AVOID relationships that are abusive, confining, and controlling. You can actually PREDICT where relationships will go BEFORE you are locked into them! Learn how to DEEPEN relationships with those who are especially important to you. Did you know that there are actually SIX KINDS OF INTIMACY? more... Physical intimacy improves as you learn how to improve the other five! Youíll learn about how to PARENT more effectively, how to help your children maximize their potential, how to keep a personís SELF-WORTH intact and to improve it if it is in trouble.

Learn what permits you to keep your voice! There is no need to lose your personal sense of self!

Learn how RELATIONSHIP STYLES impact your business either positively or negatively.

The above topics are ONLY A SMALL PORTION of the LIFE-CHANGING subjects that will be covered in ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS.

JOIN "About Relationships" ON A REGULAR BASIS, Wednesdays at 9am MST on Grapevineradio.com or go to i-tunes today and subscribe.

Posted On 01/14/08