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MyExpertSolution.com Names Joe Kaiser Vice President of Operations

MyExpertSolution.com Names Joe Kaiser Vice President of Operations
Illinois Native joins Utah-based team Global Team

July 16, 2008—Orem, UT– MyExpertSolution.com today announced the addition of Joe Kaiser of Chicago, Illinois to its executive team a Vice President of Operations.

MyExpertSolution.com is a site which allows users to submit a question and get an expert response within 24 hours in the areas of relationships, health, finance, education and more.

Joe Kaiser comes to MyExpertSolution.com via Fermi National Accelerator Lab in Batavia, Illinois where he was instrumental in architecting, deploying, and managing a large scientific compute cluster for physics discoveries at the astronomical and nano scales. Prior to Fermi National Accelerator Lab, Joe Kaiser spent eight years in the medical transcription field delivering transcription and health-related services to VA hospitals throughout the country.

“I welcome the challenges inherent in helping build scalable web-based solutions for My Expert Solution.com, a world-class company centered on providing real-world solutions for full human health and well-being,” said Joe Kaiser.

According to Kristen Lamb, CEO of MyExpertSolution.com, she is pleased to have Joe join them to join the MES executive team.

“Joe will be an invaluable resource to MES, providing users with a reliable and human factors based site on which to interface with the experts,” said Lamb. “We know Joe and his team will provide the successful online interface.”

MyExpertSolution.com will allow access to the world’s experts through an online offering launching July 2008 in Utah, August nationally, and September in Europe. MyExpertSolution.com is a resource for answers from assembled online experts ready to help with answers. Users can submit their question about anything from education, finance, health and relationships and experts in those fields will share an online answer in 24 hours. MyExpertSolution.com will be nationally available online at www.myexpertsolutions.com in August 2008. For more information please contact Danielle at 801-373-9469

Posted On 07/15/08