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Kevin B. Skinner, Ph.D. is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and is a member of The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH). During the past few years he has worked with more than one-hundred individuals and couples who are dealing with pornography-related problems. He is currently in private practice. Prior to entering the private sector, Dr. Skinner taught marriage and family courses at two major universities in the United States. Kevin is married and has six daughters. He is committed to strengthening society by teaching individuals and couples how to build and enhance their relationships.
Treating Pornography Addiction: The Essential Tools for Recovery (5 CD's + Book)
Three hours of incredible educational material for individuals who struggle with pornography addiction:
  • Treating Pornography Addiction: The Essential Tools for Recovery (CDs #1 and 2)
  • Relapse Prevention Strategies (CD #3)
Plus two hours of additional help for partners and parents:
  • A Spouseís Guide to Helping a Partner Caught in Pornography Addiction (CD #4)
  • A Parentís Guide to Helping Children and Teens Involved in Pornography (CD #5)
If you, your spouse, a child or another family member is dealing with a pornography problem, the contents of these CDs will help you fight the battle step by step.

Regarding this book, Dr. Jack Ayre said, ďI know of no other product that so carefully and professionally walks a sincere addict through the process of facing the challenge and working methodically through the condition.Ē Some of the key chapters in this book include:
  • Pornography Unveiled Ė Why Pornography is Addictive and How to Activate and Deactivate Behaviors
  • The Power of Beliefs Ė Learn to Rewrite the Beliefs That Keep You Trapped
  • The Profile of Those Most Likely To Relapse
  • Preparing to Change for Good
  • Living the Lifestyle that Leads to Recovery
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A Spouse's Guide to Helping a Partner Caught in Pornography Addiction
Most spouses simply do not know how to respond when they find that their partner is viewing pornography behind their back or are involved in online sex. After being involved in many sessions and phone conversations with spouses who are at a loss of how to respond, Dr. Skinner developed this CD to answer many of the most common questions he receives. Here is a brief outline of what is covered in this 60 minute CD:
  • Emotional phases you can expect to go through now that you have learned about your spouse's behavior.
  • Learn the key elements of disclosure-what you should be looking for and what you can expect-you may want to listen to this section with your spouse
  • You will learn how to understand and assess your spouse's involvement in pornography (Is it pornography or are there other sexual behaviors involved?)
  • Find out the common mistakes spouses make when trying to help
  • Discover how to be helpful but not overly involved in your spouses recovery.
  • Find good professional help-Learn what questions to ask when looking for a good therapist or group.
  • Discover suggestions to help you begin your healing process
If you are in pain, this CD will provide you with the knowledge you need to get started in the healing process. As you listen and learn how to best respond to your spouse, you will see that answers to your questions are available. Knowing how to respond to your spouse and how to begin your own healing process is invaluable. Get started today!

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A Parents Guide to Helping Children and Teens Involved in Pornography
Far too many children and adolescents are becoming involved in pornography. If your child is like the other 15 million children who have been exposed to pornography this year, you may be asking yourself, "What do I do now?" This CD answers the most common questions parents ask Dr. Skinner as a professional. Unfortunately, most parents simply brush aside their child's involvement in pornography or they tell them to stop. This type of response simply is not sufficient as pornography can alter your child's life for years to come. What most parents do not understand is the powerful impact that pornography has on their child's mind. If you are a parent and your child has become involved in pornography, this CD will provide you answers to many of the questions you have about your child's involvement. Here is an outline of the contents included in this CD.
  • The extent of the problem-There is a real battle going on, but most parents do not know how to respond to it. Find out some of the hidden tactics that the pornography industry uses to get children involved in pornography. Learn what you can do to protect your children.
  • Learn how the relationship style in your home can impact your child's involvement with pornography.
  • Find out how to best respond to your child once you have learned of his/her involvement in pornography. Your response can help or hurt the situation.
  • Assess your child's involvement-Is your child just getting started in pornography or does he/she already have addictive behaviors? Learn how to ask the right questions as a parent so that you know the level of your child's involvement.
  • Discover effective roles you can take as a parent to assist your child. Learn how to help without becoming too involved.
  • If counseling is needed, find out what questions to ask the therapist so that your child can receive the best help. Learn what to look for in a counselor and who you should avoid.
  • Learn 10 common methods to protect your family.
This CD is a must for parents who have children who have been involved in pornography. After dealing with over 100 individuals who have become addicted to pornography, Dr. Skinner has learned that early intervention is critical to helping children who have been exposed to pornography. Learn how to help your child now and in the future.
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Treating Pornography Addiction: The Essential Tools for Recovery (3 CD's)
It is estimated that roughly 10% of all people involved in pornography become addicted. Many others who are not addicted have a difficult time quitting. If you or someone you know is trying to stop viewing pornography these educational CD's can provide the roadmap to begin recovery. They were created to help individuals understand pornography addiction and to provide the essential tools for healing. The material taught in these CD's has been effectively used with more than 100 individuals struggling to overcome pornography addiction.

In these CD's you will learn:
  • How pornography alters your mind and what you can do to stop it
  • How you developed this addiction
  • How to break the pattern of viewing pornography by understanding yourself and your body
  • How to re-write your mind scripts so that you don't turn to pornography
  • How to create a game plan that works
  • How to heal from the shame and guilt
  • How to utilize your inner voice in the recovery process
This package also includes the CD-"The Most Effective Relapse Prevention Strategies"

In this CD you will learn the most effective tools to help prevent relapse. You will learn how to utilize the same tools that others have used in their successful recovery. There are common steps that all addicts take to recover and you will learn these steps in this CD.

The key areas covered in this CD include:
  • The key elements that prevent change and contribute to relapse
  • The most important tools for preventing relapse
  • How you can utilize your own strengths to prevent relapse
  • Stories from others who are succeeding in overcoming their pornography addiction
Those who purchase the 3 CD's "Treating Pornography Addiction: The Essential Tools of Recovery" will also receive the "Treating Pornography Addiction" workbook a $14.95 value for free. These materials are very helpful to individuals who have a desire to change their lives. As you utilize them you will be given ideas that can strengthen your resolve to change. As you read and listen to these CD's you will gain greater hope and conviction that change is possible. You can listen to the CD's and read the workbook at your own pace. Using the tools presented in this material you can win the battle.
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Treating Pornography Addiction: The Essential Tools for Recovery (Workbook)
This workbook offers a step-by-step approach to recovery. You will find real life stories, examples of how to use the tools presented, and over 40 assignments which will provoke new thoughts and ideas in your mind. The principles taught in this workbook are effective and can help you win your personal battle with pornography. The chapters of this workbook are:
  • The Creation of a Pornography Addiction
  • Understanding and Assessing the Levels of Pornography Addiction
  • Pornography Unveiled: Why Pornography is Addictive, How to Activate and Deactivate Addictive Behaviors
  • The Power of Beliefs: Learn to Rewrite the Beliefs That Keep You Trapped
  • The Beginning Steps to Change for Good
  • Preparing to Change for Good
  • Taking Action and Maintenance: The Behaviors of Changing for Good
  • The Profile of Those Most Likely To Relapse
  • Relapse Prevention Journal: A Tool to Use in Recovery
  • Living the Lifestyle that Leads to Recovery
You don't have to fight this battle alone. The information found in this workbook has helped many others and can help you. Hope begins when you prepare and take action to recover. This workbook will help you start the recovery process. Get started today.
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Five Sure-Fire Ways to Strengthen Your Relationships
Based upon fundamental relationship principles, this CD will teach you the tools to create deep and long-lasting relationships. While there are very few guarantees in this life, Dr. Skinner says "Those who use the principles taught in this CD will succeed in their relationships." The concepts taught in this material work and have literally changed thousands of peoples' lives. You will learn:
  • The secret behind relationships that last.
  • Five principles that will make or break your relationships
  • How to effectively implement the five principles in your relationships so you can succeed.
  • How to evaluate whether the five principles are in your relationship or not.
  • How to live with principle even when your partner isn't.
  • And much more...
Where in today's society are we learning about healthy relationships? The media? In our families? The principles outlined in this CD will give you the relationship tools you need to succeed.
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