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Growth Climate - Relationship Help and Tests for Emotional, Sexual, Spiritual, and Physical Abuse - Assesment
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Growth Climate Basics: The Anatomy of Relationships
The GrowthClimate Basics audio/video tape series has helped thousands of people. The content has been taught throughout the United States and Canada. It has been used at colleges and universities. It has been used to help perpetrators and victims of domestic violence. This material will change your life. The workbook and audio/video tape series provides insight into the following areas:
  • How to create healthy relationships by using principles
  • How to deal with depression in yourself and others
  • How to understand and deal with problems in relationships rather than ignoring them
  • How to deal with stress and crisis
In addition, you will learn the power of beliefs and how they impact our communication and everything we do. Learn what type of climate's hurt and destroy relationships. In addition, the material covers critical areas such as how to understand and deal with manipulation and control in relationships.

We invite you to join thousands of others who have benefited from this incredible, life-changing educational experience. Experience this life changing class and you too will be saying, "This class changed my life. It is by far the best class I have ever attended.

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Five Sure-Fire Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship
Dr. Skinner presents "Five Sure-Fire Ways to Strengthen Your Relationships." Based upon fundamental relationship principles, participants will learn how to create deep and long-lasting relationships. This material has been taught since 1981 and has literally changed thousands of peoples' lives. During the Tele-Seminar you can expect to learn:
  • The secret behind relationships that last.
  • How the five principles discussed can make or break your relationships.
  • How to effectively implement the five principles in your relationships.
  • How to evaluate whether the five principles are in your relationship or not.
  • How to live with principle even when you partner isn't.
  • And much more...

Qty: CD (Regular Price $24.95 / Member Price $21.21)+ $4.95 S/H
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Instinctive Eating- Your Diet Replacement. "Eat what, when, and as much as you want-Instinctively"
Learning to trust your instinct in a relationship with another person is as important as learning to trust your instincts with yourself. This book, written by Mrs. Utah United States 2003, is about how she overcame her struggle to re-find herself amongst the weight gain that overtook her. This is not your typical diet or weight-loss book. In fact it's not a diet at all. Instinctive eating does not use the standard rules that have been established throughout the dieting industry. The book is designed to stop you from feeling stifled by the "rules" of diets and to introduce you to an instinctive sense of your personal needs. The theory of "instinctive eating" stands on the premise that the body instinctively senses and adjusts for its own changing desires for efficiency.

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Finding and Creating True Intimacy

Are you ready to create a healthy intimate relationship? Far too many people are sabotaging their relationships or letting their fears prevent relationship success. Dr. Skinner has developed a new educational CD that will change your life. Based upon research and hours of therapy, this CD will help you improve your chances of succeeding in relationships (whether your married or single).

If you want to discover the secrets of successful individuals, you will not want to miss this information. This cutting edge CD will help you in the following areas:

  • Overcome a fear of intimacy, fear of rejection, or fear of failure (You will learn about the "Fear of Intimacy Club")
  • Learn how to stop sabotaging relationships
  • Confidently develop healthy intimate relationships
  • Find more happiness and contentment in life
  • Succeed in ALL relationships

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