Now the big question! Does your partner have the ability to succeed in any relationship, be it with you or someone else, based on where he or she is at today? The answer is somewhere from absolutely to absolutely not.

Since 1984 our professionals have been observing relationships to discover not only what causes them to succeed, but also to learn what makes them fail. The length of the test makes it possible for us to give you an accurate assessment of what is happening in your relationship.

Our greatest desire is to help individuals and couples determine whether their relationship is healthy or can become healthy. The questions in this test provide clear indicators of what does or doesn't work in relationships.

Here are a few key points you will find in your results:
  • Insight into your relationship that you probably have never seen before.
  • Awareness about whether your relationship is healthy or not.
  • Understanding as to why your partner behaves the way he/she does.
Plus, a detailed summary of four character categories. Learn where your partner fits. You will see why some couples have the most challenging relationships ever!

The profile you have just completed has already helped countless others. We are confident that it will help you also! You will receive your 75 to 90 page assessment addressing every question in this relationship profile for only $29.95. This assessment will show Blue Ribbons for great areas and Red Flags for areas of concern.

Our responses to your answers will help you understand your relationship in ways you never thought possible!


Kenneth H. Patey & Dr. Kevin B. Skinner

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this relationship profile, you may email us at our contact page.
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