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Relationships don't build themselves; they require regular and consistent attention...yours and your partner's. It's often the little things, things that are unexpected, that bring delight and deepen the bonds that you have with each other. Have you noticed how often the least expensive gift you give or an action taken on behalf of the one you love, that is the most remembered? These are the actions that deepen those bonds you have with each other. Our goal is to provide you with ideas that add spice, sparkle, and memories to YOUR lives.

Check back with us each week and apply the current relationship tip into your life. Let's work on the relationships that you would like to strengthen one step at a time.

This Week's Relationship Tip of the Week
Make Connections
Reach out and make connections this week.  Make a conscious effort to spend time with those you love.  Not just sitting in front of the tv watching the news or a sitcom...but actual time that you really communicate with each other.  Quality Time.  Share your thoughts, your ambitions, your goals & dreams.  It is that TIE to each other's soul, if you will, that binds.  A connection that will keep your relationship strong and long lasting.

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