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Growth Climate - Relationship Help and Tests for Emotional, Sexual, Spiritual, and Physical Abuse - Assesment
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The test you are about to take is the first of its kind. Nowhere else can you answer questions and based upon your answers learn whether YOUR behavior is helping or hindering your relationships. The test will help you evaluate your dating and relationship skills.

As you take the test, you are creating your personal self-help book. How does it work? Each answer you provide has our response to what that behavior means in relationships. If 1000 people took the test they would all receive different results. Why? Because their answers are not the same to each and every question. The results are tailor made for you. What is exciting is that once you complete the test you will have instant access to these results. You can begin to improve your relationship skills today.

Once you complete and purchase the test, you will have instant access to 55-70 pages of ANSWERS and IDEAS that will help you succeed at dating and relationships. This is the ultimate self-help book for singles. Enjoy the test!