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Growth Climate - Relationship Help and Tests for Emotional, Sexual, Spiritual, and Physical Abuse - Assesment
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"RE: Mark Patey's seminar "Business: Beyond the Competetive Edge". ..."We have done all we know how to do to improve the quality of our products, and to make the atmosphere into which our customers come as pleasant as possible. For the most part, our ..." - Jerry Williams, New York 11/5/2007
"Thank you so much for posting additional archives (of the Relationship Radio Network)! I was struggling trying to find a time to listen again to my favorites...." - Diane , Utah 11/4/2007
"Every woman who has a spouse involved in pornography should listen to these CD's. (Treating Pornography Addiction) I listened to them with my husband and I understand so much better what he is experiencing. We sat down and discussed each section of y..." - Rachel , 10/30/2007
"I run drug and alcohol groups and wish I had this material for my clients. I have taken chapter 3 of your workbook and adapted it for my clients. We spent an entire hour just discussing your first question. Thanks for letting me review your material...." - Sandy , 10/15/2007
""My hope is back. I feel like a new person. You have laid the foundation for my change. My wife and kids are trying to get used to having their dad back. As for me, I know that I am still going to have challenges, but I really do see light at the end..." - Thomas , Utah 10/4/2007
""I was very skeptical when my bishop asked me to go to counseling. I thought I could do it on my own. I didn't realize how much pornography had been impacting me. What was really cool was that once I learned these tools, I regained my hope. I am exci..." - Aaron , California 9/13/2007
"I had given in so many times I didn't think it was possible to quit. For the first time ever I saw how my addiction developed and how I could re-write new pathways in my mind. I have a solid game plan and people around me. I am no longer fighting thi..." - Matt , Alaska 8/26/2007
"This is accelerated learning if ever there was such. Please relay our thanks to the lifeguards on duty at growthclimate.com. We are beginning to heal as a family thanks to your concerted efforts and deep compassion unlike any other we've ever experie..." - Annabelle Furgerson, Arizona 7/20/2007
""Very good web site, great work and thank you for your service."..." - Walentyna , New York 7/18/2007
"I really felt it (the class) was excellent, the information Ive been looking forIt is tangible information that I can apply instead of ambiguity and not knowing why I and others do what they do. I am grateful to recognize dynamics in relationships..." - Class Participate , 7/18/2007
"I loved the workshop. It has truly made a huge difference in the way I see things. Thank you for all the wonderful information. I have shared this information with a lot of people. Linda was a participant in the "Finding and Creating True Intimacy"..." - Linda , Denver, Colorado 7/1/2007
"Thank you. Your teachings and help are aiding me through a once deep addiction as well as giving me the opportunity to help some friends go through it too. I will never be the same...." - Anonymous , 6/30/2007
""You know I didn't realize how far down the path I was. I had given in so many times I didn't consider how my actions were taking me from my family and my work. I really like your approach. You seem to understand the difficulties of recovery, but se..." - Tim , Utah 5/27/2007
""This is a really cool new tool to help couples improve their relationships...identify strengths and areas needed for improvement too..."..." - Brad , 4/14/2007
"As a wife in a long-term marriage, I was afraid of losing everything when my husband confessed his secret addiction. It began in his early teens, and he successfully concealed it from everyone for more than forty years. I had no hope that he coul..." - Victoria , Southern Oregon 3/30/2007
"Thank you so much for all the insight and ideas you give into building deep intimate relationships. I always thought intimacy meant something sexual. I was wrong. It has been nice applying the principles you teach into my life. I have felt the re..." - Audra , California 3/17/2007
""I was very skeptical at first. I wondered if a relationship test could help me identify what I couldn't put my finger on. I talked with friends and family members, but my relationship didn't seem quite right. Your Relationship Test has helped me kno..." - Jennifer , Colorado
""You guys are great! I love your site. Your test was very accurate and helped me identify what was going on in my relationship. I couldn't figure out why we were having the problems we were. Then I took your Relationship Test. I didn't realize how bl..." - John , New Hampshire
""My wife and I both took your test. Our relationship had been very rocky. Now we read your test results together every night before we go to bed. I think your test is worth a million dollars. We are learning why our relationship has had so many probl..." - Vince , Washington
""This test is very good. It will definately make people think about what they are doing in their relationships. ..." - Dr. Bill Meredith--KSU ,

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