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Growth Climate - Relationship Help and Tests for Emotional, Sexual, Spiritual, and Physical Abuse - Assesment
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"As a wife in a long-term marriage, I was afraid of losing everything when my husband confessed his secret addiction. It began in his early teens, and he successfully concealed it from everyone for more than forty years. I had no hope that he could overcome his problem, and I knew I couldn't stay with him if he didn't. My first impulse was to leave him but then I came across Dr. Skinner's book and tapes on Amazon and ordered them. I listened to the tape for spouses first and felt a weight lift from my shoulders. I understood that this problem was one my husband would have to solve on his own. The trouble was that he lacked the know-how--until he listened to Dr. Skinner's tapes and read the book. Three months later, he's still listening, still learning, and living the lessons. It's not enough simply to want to get over a problem that is so complex and deep-rooted. A person needs information, insight, practical skills, and support. Also to be held accountable on a regular basis. I didn't know any of this until I heard Dr. Skinner's tapes; they teach all of that and much more. It's hard to convey his thorough understanding of 's dark territory and the light he brings to bear on the subject. What I learned is that even the most addicted man CAN get over this problem, and a marriage CAN survive - but only with the right treatment and both partners' hearts must be willing to make the effort. Dr. Skinner offers hope and help to all who seek it. I cannot recommend his work highly enough."
- Victoria , Southern Oregon